Castellano en Castilla is an initiative of a group of Spanish teachers who have decided to plunge themselves into such an interesting project as this by offering courses of Spanish for non-Spanish speakers at all levels. The courses will be of one, two or three weeks duration.

It will consist of a total immersion programme of Spanish with 35 hours of classes per week.

Castellano en Castilla is directed at adults who want to enjoy learning Spanish:

-        People who will be starting to study Spanish or would like to improve their knowledge of the language (for academic, professional or general interest).

-        People who possess a much better mastery of the language and want to perfect their accomplishments in Spanish grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and pronunciation.  This would be the case for teachers at university or high school (college) levels who regularly teach Hispanic language and culture.

Class sizes will be kept to a maximum of five students with the added availability of individual attention. 

Aguilar de Bureba


 The surroundings in which the classes will take place are perfect: a small, relaxed town by the name of Aguilar de Bureba (Burgos) in the northern part of Spain.



Moreover, being so well situated, it offers opportunities to carry out various excursions of great interest to those students who want to enjoy some of the most spectacular sights of Spain.

We guarantee a friendly, personal, individually-designed service to all our students in a family-style ambience. Our team of distinguished teachers is composed of three professionals qualified in Hispanic Philology, Geography and History. They can all boast an extensive experience in the teaching of Spanish. They will make you feel at home by extending to you a most satisfying overall stay, one which you will always warmly remember.

Santa María la Real Church

And last but not least, students will be able to enjoy the rich Spanish gastronomy, tasting typical dishes of the country and exquisite local cuisine.

And all in the heart of Spain: Castilla y Leon.

You can find many more details on our website.  We hope that you will be sharing this experience with us.



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