Course planning

The meeting point for the start of the course will be Burgos, where we will pick up the students and take them to Aguilar de Bureba on Sunday evening, beginning classes on Monday at 9 am.

Spanish courses are offered weekdays, Monday to Friday. The detailed course content is contained in a dossier* that will be sent to the student after completing the course registration and payment.

Saturday is dedicated to a trip to Burgos previously prepared in class with different materials. The group will also have part of the day to go shopping, eat at a typical restaurant in Burgos, etc.

Finally, on Saturday night the students sleep on NH Palacio de la Merced, a central and beautiful four star hotel located right in front of the greatest treasure of Burgos: its Gothic cathedral.

At this point, the course will be over. Therefore, Sunday is meant to be a free day for students to visit some other nearby places depending on the student interests (for instance, places that are well connected to Burgos: Bilbao, San Sebastian, Santander, Madrid…), returning on Sunday evening to Aguilar if your course lasts longer than a week.

It is important to note that the student must be highly motivated and ready to live an intensive language experience that will surely end up being very rewarding.

 *This dossier will also include some other useful information for the preparation of the stay: the arrival plan, schedules, meals, necessary documentation, medical insurance, clothing, rules, etc.

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